November Blog - LUZ NAS VIELAS (Light In The Alleyways)

November 22, 2016 0 Comments

<center>November Blog - LUZ NAS VIELAS (Light In The Alleyways)</center>

The world cup was coming to Brazil and BoaMistura decided something needed to be done, they wanted to show the spirit of the favelas. 

The alleyways are where the life is and LUZ NAS VIELAS was meant to lighten those up.. here is how the story unfolds.

'During the first few days, we realised the possible framework made by the narrow and winding passageways that connect the high and low urban areas, known as “vielas".
The project aims to respond to this characteristic spatial complexity. 
Flattening the perspective from a point (anamorphism), the words "BELEZA", "FIRMEZA”, "LOVE", “DOÇURA" and "ORGULHO" are read and framed by a flat color, equally covering all the construction materials, democratizing the space. 
For us, these words are the best portrait of the favela.

The intervention is located in Vila Brasilândia, one of the favelas that proliferate in São Paulo's periphery, under the shadow of skyscrapers. 
An ocean of houses that extend beyond the limits of the horizon. We were able to settle in the favela, to live it, smell it, love it and try to understand how life works inside it. 

Structurally, Brasilândia is developed longitudinally, responding to the topography of the hills on which it is located and assuming major roads infrastructure. 
In second order, transportation elements facilitate access to houses. These "cracks" are known as "becos" on the flat areas and "vielas" on the stairways, they both are the real articulators for the life inside the community.'

Photography & Story by Boa Mistura @


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